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Family Farming

Why Farm to School?

Unfortunately, many children don't have access to proper food and nutrition education. Learning where your food comes from and how it can benefit your health can not only impact the wellness and outlook of children, but influence nutrition decisions well into their adult years. 


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers Farm to School grants for planning, developing, and implementing farm to school projects in schools across the nation. With one of those planning grants and an amazing group of community partners, we're now able to bring that mission to Leon County.


From stocking cafeterias with local produce, to creating lush school gardens, to teaching kids healthy recipes, to visiting local farms and getting some hands-on learning experience with farm fresh produce, our goal is to tackle rising obesity rates and ensure that school meals benefit children, schools, and local farmers. Many kids rely on school meals as their only meals during weekdays: let's make them count.

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